House Wires And Flexible Cables

  • High speed extruders
  • Weather Proof cables twin flat pvc/pvc upto 10 sq mm
  • Twin twisted and single care flexible /Solid pvc/FR insulated cables.

Our Wires & Cables are well known in house wires & electrical distribution field 


PVC Flexible Wires

Flexible PVC cables, Our PVC single and multi-core flexible cables make a big difference wherever they are installed. They don't merely deliver power, they do so with maximum efficiency and security. With stronger materials, surer conductors and safer insulation, Our cables have minimized loss while improving electricity transfer and transient.

Right from raw materials, built-in quality control systems check every stage of production. Indian and international standards are met even before the cables emerge from advanced facilities. The finished products are then measured by the most critical tests of all: the highly competitive market place. Success in that supercharged environment is the ultimate proof of the quality of Our cables.

Our flexible wires and cords are manufactured as per IS:694/1990 with latest amendments and certified for quality system as per iso 9001:2000

Core identification, Colour for core identification & Colour sequence

Cable for fixed wiring Flexible Cords Flexible Cables
Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, White or Grey Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, White or Grey Red, Black, Yellow, Blue, White or Grey
Red & Black Red & Black
Red & Yellow & Blue Red, Black & Yellow Green (For ECC)
Red, Yellow, Blue & Black Red, Yellow Blue & Yellow Green (For ECC)
Red Yellow Blue Black & Grey

Submersible Cable Flat Cables for Submersible Pump Motor

Our Flat Cables are manufactured for critical space requirements, protection against indefinite immersion in water under specified conditions, protection against raining water and protection against ingress of small solid foreign bodies.

Our Flat Cables are produced from best quality electrolytic copper drawn, on-line annealed & bunched on automatic manufacturing machines. The conductors are insulated with a special grade of PVC and outer sheath consists of a highly abrasion resistant PVC compound. These cables processed on sophisticated twin extrusion line meets and withstands the demanding needs of submersible pump motor power supply.

Double Sheathed Round Submersible Cables Double sheathed round 3 core and 4 core cables are better suited for heavy duty applications like sewage, slurry and dewatering pumps. These conditions requires the sheathing to be able to withstand abrasion, prevent ingress of water along the interstices of the cable, and be resistant to acidic fluids and chemicals

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